The Wine Club - Sicilian Wines

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Time: 07:00pm - 08:30pm

Type: Class

Location: The Wine Cabinet

“October Class”
Sicilian Wines!

Presented by
Mark Luna,
Roanoke Valley Imports
Tuesday, October 17
7:00 pm promptly

One of Europe's oldest viticultural regions still offers some pleasant surprises. Sicily's oenological history is an ancient one, dating from the time when the island was part of Magna Graecia. One usually associates fine wines with western Sicily or the areas near Mount Etna, but many new wineries have sprung up across the island. Sicilian oeniculture is not just varietals. Sicily's vintage wines are a magical creation, and many of the island's traditional wines and spirits are famous far beyond its shores. Several boast denomination of origin (appellation). Sicily has its own table and dessert wines, and a number of regional liqueurs.The magic is in the fertile soil and Sicily's long, cloudless summers – with humidity but virtually no rain from June until harvesting in late August – two factors which make Sicilian vintages remarkably consistent from year to year.

The Wines!!