Saturday Tasting - Bravo Cellars, Fabio Morrone

Saturday, December 09, 2017

Time: 01:00pm - 05:00pm

Type: Wine Tasting

Location: The Wine Cabinet

Event Free


Every weekend we have free tastings of wine and beer that give you a chance to explore the wide world!
Come in this weekend and visit with us!

Saturday afternoon, a time for chores and yard work and running to do all the things that have waited all week! Take a break!

Come by the shop and sample new wines and microbrews that will be certain to bring a smile to your face.

Just relax with friends and neighbors.


The Wines!!

Dedicato Contessa Carola Prosecco, Extra Dry $14.99
Pale straw yellow with greenish hues.
Bouquet: Fragant floral and fruity perfumes with pleasant hints of golden apple and candied fruits.
Taste: Crisp, medium-bodied, harmonious with a delicious aromatic after-taste.
Food Pairings: Ideal for the whole meal and excellent as an aperitif.

Gavi DOCG, Commune di Gavi $16.99
Cortese di Gavi, or simply Gavi, is an Italian dry white wine produced in a restricted area of the Province of Alessandria, Piedmont, close to the Ligurian border. The name derives from Gavi, the comune at the centre of its production zone, and Cortese, the local variety of grape from which it is exclusively made and whose existence is reported from the 17th century. The current style of production dates to 1876.
Cortese di Gavi made from vines within the comune of Gavi may be labeled Gavi di Gavi.

Rosso Gandinaia Syrah, Tenuta ColomBarola $19.99
COLOUR: bright ruby-red with slight garnet highlights.
AROMA: slightly dried black berries (marasca cherry, elderberry, blueberry and blackcurrant) with a pleasant hint of wild strawberries. Floral scents (pinks, violets, dried red rose) with overtones of aromatic golden-leaf tobacco, liquorice and a balsamic pepper mix. A perfectly integrated and pleasant vanilla and oaky aroma.
FLAVOUR: a good structure, elegant and well-balanced alcohol, softness and acidity; pleasant and round with intense, soft tannins well blended into the structure. The aftertaste starts off reminiscent of black fruits and golden-leaf tobacco, and closes with a long, rich finish of vanilla and spice.

Arbos Sangiovese, Famiglia Castellani $12.99

Ruby red colour, typical Sangiovese-based wine with intense aromas of dark fruits, strawberries, plums and violet.

Gattinara Anziuino $23.99
Our wines come from the hills formed on the fossil rocks of the Supervulcano of the Sesia, at the foot of Monte Rosa. Rather warm summers and accentuated temperature changes, favor a microclimate suitable to preserve and enhance the organoleptic characteristics of the Nebbiolo. The history of the hills of Gattinara began 300 million years ago when the only continent (Pangea) was dotted with volcanoes. In what is now the area of the Valsesia, an immense eruption formed a 15 km diameter volcano. When Africa broke away from South America colliding with Europe, the Alps arose, and in the area that includes the Valsesia, a withdrawal of the Earth's crust was created and the deepest parts of the crust went up at the Insubric line. Thanks to this process we can now observe what was the earth's crust under the volcano, to a depth of about 25 km: you can see it along the Valsesia, from Balmuccia to Gattinara, a unique situation in the world. In soils with unique characteristics Nebbiolo is giving one of its best and most unique expressions.