Special Release - Eight Years in the Desert by Dave Phinney!!

Monday, October 15, 2018

Time: 01:00pm - 08:00pm

Type: Wine Tasting

Location: The Wine Cabinet

Event Free

Dave Phinney wrote the note below last year upon the release of the first vintage of Eight Years in the Desert. The Inaugral release sold for $1000 for a case of 8 bottles. I was proud to recive one case as my primary Christmas gift last year. People have not been able to stop talking about it.

Well, year two is here and we have a small allocation for the shop.
We will be releasing it as part of our 15 year anniversary celebration on Monday, 15 October.


when it's gone, it's gone.

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It’s hard to believe that this fall will be my twenty first harvest in the Napa Valley. Some of those vintages I remember fondly, others I’d like to forget.  What may be harder to believe is that this harvest also marks the twentieth year that Orin Swift has been in business. Twenty years. It makes me feel old. But I love it, maybe now more than ever. 

As many of you know, the first commercial wine I made for Orin Swift was Zinfandel. But none of you have ever tried it. None of you have tried it because it was never bottled. I sold it on the bulk market. I would argue that Zinfandel may be the most difficult varietal to tame. But when you get it right it rewards you like no other. If winemaking is a series of challenges Zinfandel has them all in spades. So, in 2009 I took a break from Zinfandel and its challenges. It would end up being an eight-year break. Eight years in the desert. It was never if but when would we make Zinfandel again. That when is now.