Friday Tasting - Elite Wines, Hughes Beaulieu

Friday, April 05, 2019

Time: 05:00pm - 08:00pm

Type: Wine Tasting

Location: The Wine Cabinet

Event Free


Every weekend we have free tastings that give you a chance to explore the wide word of wines! 

Each Friday we try to start your weekend off with a sampling of fine wines and beers that will allow you to relax into your "days off" with a positive note. Always a gathering of friends and neighbors and good conversation.

Come in this weekend and visit with us!


The Wines!!

Touraine, Domaine De L'Hemoniere Sauvignon Blanc $12.99
Golden yellow colored wine; the nose is clear, intense and complex. Main aromas: citrus fruits (orange, tangerine), exotic fruits (passion fruit, ripe pineapple). Few floral notes (lily of the valley) and pinesap. Wonderfully rich, with good length and freshness.

Jean-Marc Brocard Margote Chardonnay, Vin de France $14.99
A French Chardonnay crafted like other great Brocard wines, mineral, crisp, even greedy. Opens with a zesty bouquet of lemon/lime, fresh peach and minerality.
The acidity accents the fresh, zesty flavors and it finishes cleanly with accents of green apples on the back end. Enjoy it with starters, tapas, or snails.
A wine signed Brocard, a token of quality and a trusted name for wine buyers.
A visual identity that follows traditional bistro codes, reassuringly familiar and helpful.

Alphonse Mellot Sancerre Rouge $54.99

90 points The Wine Advocate
From 45-year-old vines on Kimmeridgian marl and limestone soils, the 2014 Sancerre La Moussière displays a ripe, well-concentrated and aromatic bouquet of ripe dark berries and cherries intermixed with floral aromas. The medium to full-bodied wine is clear, crisp and straight on the palate, provided with a nicely fleshy fruit and crunchy tannins, as well as a dry and clear finish.

Pas De L'Escalette Les Petit Pas Rouge $20.99
Petit Pas (little feet) pays homage to the sons ofJulien Zernott and Delphine Rouseau, Julius and Gabriel, who were born at the beginning of our adventure in Languedoc.
Zesty, with lively red plum, raspberry and cherry flavors and touches of licorice. The flavors echo on the fresh finish.

David Reynaud Les Monestiers Syrah $22.99

3 STARS The Washington Post
ABV 12.5 percent.

Ripe, with sweet red and black fruit flavors, this lovely syrah should pair well with grilled meats, stews and even spicy dishes.
Give it about 30 minutes to open up and show its flavors. 


The Beers!!
Collective Arts No. 6 IPA
"While IPA No. 6 has generally not tested nearly as well as IPA No. 5 (per Untappd), a double dry-hopped New England IPA, this is the clear peach winner among Ontario craft brewers, for me.

The choices of hops likely made all of the difference. Amarillo hops have been in short supply, and pack the citrus punch of Cascade hops, while bringing distinctively orange characteristics, with hints of lemon and grapefruit.
Wai-iti hops are much less common, originating in New Zealand, and bring a bright, aromatic citrus note to the brew.
It is clear that Collective Arts did their homework and chose their hop combination quite carefully. The very unusual Amarillo/Wai-iti hop combination serve as a perfect backdrop for the peach puree, allowing the fruit flavour to do much of the heavy lifting, with the slightly bitter hops taking a backseat.
The result is a highly drinkable and bright IPA, with many subtle flavour notes. The sweetness is kept to a relative minimum, considering the nature of the brew, but the subtle bitterness complements the juicy sweetness, for a surprising balance.
This is a stellar entry from a stellar brewery, which is now quite well-established as one of the ‘giants’ in Ontario craft brewing. The timing is right, and I expect that these will sell out quickly, for people to enjoy on their patios as summer winds to a close and porter/stout season approaches." 
The Craft Beer Diaries

Decadent Ales Pog Nog Double IPA, 4 pack $26.99
A hybrid of a White Ale and West Coast IPA and super-sized for your drinking pleasure.
This Double IPA is brewed with Wheat to give it a pale white color and a slight sweetness in the finish.

Founders Kentucky Breakfast Stout, 4 pack $25.99
"Strong chocolate, subtly sweet with light bitterness & strong coffee, some oatmeal too. There is some espresso like flavours & lots of cocoa with roasted malts & darker fruits, sugar & vanilla.
Complex & great tasting. Full bodied & smooth, the alcohol content is almost completely hidden with only the slightly warming feel giving an indication as to the strength of this one.
Strong sweetness with the occasional bit of bitterness; frighteningly easy to drink too.