Saturday Tasting - Metro Cellars, Chris Campbell

Saturday, March 16, 2019

Time: 01:00pm - 05:00pm

Type: Wine Tasting

Location: The Wine Cabinet

Event Free


Every weekend we have free tastings of wine and beer that give you a chance to explore the wide world!
Come in this weekend and visit with us!

Saturday afternoon, a time for chores and yard work and running to do all the things that have waited all week! Take a break!

Come by the shop and sample new wines and microbrews that will be certain to bring a smile to your face.

Just relax with friends and neighbors.


The Wines!!
Margerum Sybarite Sauvignon Blanc $19.99
Margerum “D” is an exploration in what can be achieved with barrel fermentation of high quality Sauvignon Blanc. The high mineral soils of the Happy Canyon of Santa Barbara AVA automatically put these wines into a low nutrient category resulting in reduction which, with battonage, gives the wine a “mineral” quality.

Hoopla Chardonnay, Napa Valley $19.99

The flavor profile is bright, and crisp – like unoaked Chardonnays – while the mouthfeel is creamy and round – like other oaked counterparts. The proof is in the drinking!
"The Hoopla Unoaked Napa Valley Chardonnay rocked! Hands down this is one of the best labels; dog lovers and wine aficionados seem to be symbiotic."
- Debra Del Fiorentino, International Women's Wine Competition Director

Jack Hammer Pinot Noir $15.99

Sourced from Monterey, San Luis, and Santa Barbara counties, this wine has a dark ruby color with a great nose of cherry, cola, and a wonder floral component.
Flavors of cherry, cola, plum, herb, are intermixed with lovely acid to keep it fresh, lively and not too heavy.

Sexual Chocolate Red Blend $26.99

The 2015 Sexual Chocolate is pure hedonism in a bottle, but crafted with great care and consideration toward quality. Ripe, dark fruit with a long, smooth finish.
Having made the blend for nearly ten years, winemaker Brandon Allen has developed just the right formula for a wine that delivers loads of flavor for a value.

Desparada Sackcloth and Ashes $44.99

At it’s core Sackcloth & Ashes is the gestalt of this cellar. This is the blend they look forward to making most each year.
They pull from their favorite barrels regardless of the style, in the attempt to make a wine of singular character and expression.
This is the tête de cuvée.

VARIETALS: 65% Cabernet Sauvignon, 18% Petit Verdot, 10% Cabernet Franc, 5% Malbec and 2% Grenache
VINEYARDS: Two Wolves, Star Lane, Pine Hawk, Chelle, TTT, Vogelzang, Sorso, Lunacy
ALCOHOL: 15.6% Alc by Vol.
TASTING NOTES: In the meadow a lightning struck birch is burning slowly, like the earth were smoking a sweet cigar. Map in hand you approach the tree, the scented steam rises off it—chocolate mint, alpine herbs, candy cap mushrooms and sel grez. The bark is soft and tastes of black currant jam and the rust of the sword of Charlemagne, which you free from the roots.

The Beers!!

Ettaler Dunkel 16.9 oz. $4.99
Dunkel, or Dunkles, is a word used for several types of dark German lager. Dunkel is the German word meaning dark, and dunkel beers typically range in color from amber to dark reddish brown. They are characterized by their smooth malty flavor.
Aroma is malty with bread crust, dark rye bread and a hint of caramel. Taste is mostly malty, slightly nutty with a touch of hop bitterness on the finish. Light body, medium plus carbonation. Overall it's a really well made dunkel.

Cuvee Des Trolls Special Conditioned 750ml $13.99
Cuvée des Trolls has been brewed for 10 years now and is established as a premium beer, a resounding success with nothing left to prove.

The latest creation from the Dubuisson brewery, it has won the hearts of beer lovers and aficionados alike, becoming even more famous than its siblings from the same brewery, the Bush range of beers! As a token of gratitude for this success and to thank their many fans, the Dubuisson brewery’s new arrival is bottle conditioned in a magnificent silk-screen printed bottle!

This refermentation process , gives Cuvée des Trolls even greater finesse and fruity aromas. Don't miss this little gem, because it's the kind of vintage that you only find once in every 10 years!
Enjoy your Cuvée Spéciale in a Cuvée des Trolls glass, available in 25cl and 50cl!

Gouden Carolus Triple, 4 pack $15.99

9% ABV.
Pours pale golden, with lots of white foamy head that left lots of foamy lacing - almost like Orval. Nose is yeast and sweet fruit.
I slurped some of the head and it was quite bitter, but the beer itself is only slightly bitter, but yeasty, and a bit fruity.