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Big and Beautiful!

Not every wine is for everybody, so it’s unusual to find a wine that all of us here at TWC fall in love with...this bottle is one of those rare occasions. 


90 Plus Cellars is one of the fasting-growing wine brands in the U.S. and it doesn't own any vineyards. They don’t plant any grapes. They don’t even own any wineries. Instead, they buy and re-sell premium wines. If you’renot familiar with their business model, it is similar to Cameron Hughes or a négociant, to use the French term, in that they buy wine and re-label it with their own brand and sell it at huge discount!

So since each bottling is a one shot deal they don’t submit their bottles for ratings or reviews. Instead they count on small shops like ours to taste it and then get the word out to you the discriminating wine lover.

If you can’t tell we really like this bottle!

Our Thoughts.........

Begins with a fantastic aroma of black cherry, spice, leather, cedar, vanilla and more. This full-bodied wine tastes wonderful with lots of dark fruit, good structure and similar notes as the nose plus plenty of cola, licorice and touches of cocoa and tobacco. This is excellent stuff that gets even better as it has more air. It ends with a dry, long, lip-puckering finish. Serve it with grilled porterhouse, beefsteak tomato salad or slices of any big cheese like, Smoked Blue or aged pecorino cheese.