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Brasserie D'Achouffe offers four varieties of their highly-rated Belgian ales in this gift-packaged set --- sample them with the authentic Chouffe glass included:

La Chouffe Blonde Ale (ABV 8%) is brewed with a touch of coriander and bottle conditioned. It pours a beautiful orange-yellow with a luxurious head and spicy aromas. Flavors of sweet candy and fruity esters give way to a long, dry finish in this highly carbonated Belgian Blond. 

McChouffe Belgian Brown Ale (ABV 8%) is adark Belgian Ale patterned after its Scotch Ale counterparts, with aromas of toffee, caramel, anise and dried fruits.

Houblon Chouffe Belgian IPA (ABV 9%) pours a pale gold with a stark white head and aromas of grassy hops provided by Tomahawk, Amarillo, and Saaz varietals. The delightfully bitter finish is nicely balanced by spicy yeast notes.

Cherry Chouffe (ABV 8%) is based on McChouffe - a Belgian Brown Ale - with cherries added. Ruby-tinted, it has a full cherry aroma with notes of strawberry, almond, spices, and port.

One 11.2 oz bottle of each variety is included, along with one Chouffe glass (approx. 6-3/4" high x 3-1/2" diam.); a great gift for the beer lover in your life!