Saturday Tasting - Bravo Italian Imports

Saturday, August 26, 2017

Time: 01:00pm - 05:00pm

Type: Wine Tasting

Location: The Wine Cabinet

Event Free


Every weekend we have free tastings of wine and beer that give you a chance to explore the wide world!
Come in this weekend and visit with us!

Saturday afternoon, a time for chores and yard work and running to do all the things that have waited all week! Take a break!

Come by the shop and sample new wines and microbrews that will be certain to bring a smile to your face.

Just relax with friends and neighbors.

The Wines!!

Gavi Sylla Sebaste $17.99
This is a pleasant straw-yellow color wine. Its scent is delicately vinous hinting to fruit. The flavor is dry, fresh, with fruity and aromatic acidity. This wine is at its best six to eight months after the harvest. It should be served at a temperature ranging between 8 and 10 degrees and goes very well with starters and especially seafood.

Pinot Grigio Santa Alessandra $13.99
Gold colored, with shades of coppery or yellow onion peel.
It starts its olfactory sensations with mineral hints and fruity ones like pomegranate. 
Hints of white fruit, pear and Golden apple.
Its flavour is full and rich, with hints of ripe yellow fruit. Structured and balanced, long and complex, its strong taste makes it a wine with a strong personality and versatile.
Hearty soups, risotto, pasta with tomato, white meat or fish sauces. 
It goes well with white meats, fried or baked fish, or fish with tomato souce. Ideal as aperitif.

Schioppettino Marco Scolaris $16.99
Bronze International Wine Festival

Schioppettino is a dark-skinned grape variety native to Friuli-Venezia Giulia in the far northeastern corner of Italy. Having declined in plantings massively in the late 19th and 20th centuries, it was saved from extinction in the 1970s, and is now regaining the respect and recognition it once had.

Most Schioppettino wines are medium-bodied, deeply-colored, aromatic on the nose (violets and red berries) and spicy to the palate (peppery, earthy). Schioppettino is most often produced as a dry red wine, but can also be made into sparkling spumante versions, a local specialty of Friuli.

Primitivo di Manduria, Conte di Campiano $19.99
Intense ruby ??red with orange reflections.
Intense and complex bouquet with ripe plum, morello cherries and hints of spice.
Warm and balanced wine with a good texture and soft tannins.

Negroamaro Appassimento, Conte di Campiano $19.99
Ruby red with orange hues.
Intense and complex with notes of ripe fruits and spices.
Well balanced dry wine with good structure and supple tannins, aslightly bitter aftertaste.
Perfect with spicy pasta, red meat and mature cheeses.