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The 2010 Secco Bertani will make you think of Vespa motorcycles and nostalgic scenes from the movie, Roman Holiday. Packaged with retro flair, this “vintage edition” is composed of Corvina, Sangiovese Grosso, Syrah and Cabernet Sauvignon. Apparently, the blend is some sort of secret recipe that Bertani has jealously safeguarded since 1889. It shows plush fruit notes with measured spice, chocolate and tobacco. Drink 2014-2020. 

Anyone who frequented Verona’s famed Bottega del Vino wine bar in its glory days will remember the Bertani “altar” set up in the downstairs cellar. Carefully erected under its own pool of light, the shrine consisted of important vintages arranged into a giant pyramid with magnum-sized wooden cases at the base. Small church candles flickered at the perimeter. That altar to a single brand, so revered and holy to the Veronesi, always comes to mind when I taste Bertani’s wines. This cherished symbol of Valpolicella is a beacon for those who appreciate the storied winemaking customs of the region. In 2011, Bertani was purchased by Tenimenti Angelini (a branch of the Angelini Group pharmaceutical firm). Despite the new ownership, Bertani remains one of the most consistent producers of traditional Amarone.